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When To Hire An Agent


When to hire a professional real estate agent may be a matter of whether you have sold before.

You should get in touch with a local agent if you are a first-time buyer or have not sold a house in a while. Expert help is essential to ensure that your price is right from the beginning. To make the most of any investment in improvements, you will need to know what is appealing to buyers in your local area. A solid sounding board will help answer all the questions you'll have and set your expectations regarding timing.

You may view your agent more as a partner in executing the goals you have set. You might already have an idea of your market and a price range. You might know what the next few months hold. Even the most experienced sellers can benefit from having a professional in their team.

It doesn't matter what, it is important to do your research before you contact an agent.

Find Out What You Owe

To calculate your payoff balance, gather your mortgage information. To calculate the amount you will need to repay your loan, run it through an amortization calculation. This will allow you to make informed decisions about the price you are willing to pay. It will also assist your agent in making marketing decisions. For example, do you owe more than the property is worth? A "short sale" is when a buyer will need to get your bank's approval to write off a portion of the mortgage. This sale requires special marketing strategies. It's nice not to have surprises, even if your mortgage is in the black.

You should also find out if any liens are attached to your property and remove them if you can. You can find information about your county on the website, particularly if there have been any disputes with contractors.

Record The Facts

You should also check your county website for any liens. Also, verify that the records for your house are accurate. Is the square footage not correct? Does the county have a description that does not include a half-bathroom? You can check with the county to see what they need to fix the official records.

Make Sure You Check Your Comps

Before calling an agent, check out comps. This is what you should hire a professional to do. Yes. You want to be a good friend to your agent. Your agent might ask you for your opinion on the listing price. It's not a good idea to guess. It's important to demonstrate that you are engaged, informed, and realistic. You can ask them for other pricing ideas, but it is best to check the comps before you go.

Take Stock

Make a list of the upgrades you want to make in your home. Granite countertops A new furnace or air conditioner? Are you looking for new carpeting or hardwoods? A new roof? List all "extras" that might entice buyers. This will give your agent an advantage and help you to remember everything.

Be aware of the negatives as well. Make any repairs that are needed. After you have painted the room, don't put the trim back in the spare bedroom. This is the right time. You can fix it if you don't know how or if it isn't worth selling. Make a note and share it with your agent.

Let's talk about upgrades. There may be a budget that you have set aside for home improvements. Talk to an agent before you make any major decisions. Agents have experience in selling houses in your local area and know what buyers want. For example, do not spend money on carpets when hardwoods are all that buyers want. Agents are great resources for finding the best value for your short-term investment dollars.

Clean Up

Agents will compete for your listing. You want to be the best you can be. Let them know that you are willing to work with them in selling your home. This means that you will have a clean house available for them to view. This shows them you are knowledgeable and can be trusted to clean up after any showings.

They will likely ask you to clean out your home, get rid of any personal items, or remove large furniture. So before you begin interviewing agents, get a head start. The idea is to show yourself as an engaged, savvy home seller who will reward them for their extra effort and not undermine their marketing.


Tell your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances that it is time to sell. Although it's unlikely that you will find a buyer, you can save some money by finding one yourself.

These are steps you can take after you contact an agent. However, if you plan and have the time, the sale will run much more smoothly. In addition, because you have done all the work in advance, you may be able to negotiate a lower listing price.

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