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About Royalux Realty

Royalux Realty- NYC's Most Agent-Centric Brokerage

We are New York City’s most agent friendly brokerage. Not only our agent can earn up to 100% commission, when agents join Royalux Realty, they also get to take advantage of these benefits:

  • Best Training and hands-on support in NYC that allow you to close more deals

  • Receive tailor-made branding materials that allow you to build up credibility instantly

  • Team building strategies that will allow you to double even triple your business

  • Have an opportunity to become a Royalux Realty Franchisee

  • On-demand pre-recorded training videos that have total length of 200 hours

  • Free printing/Work Station/Listing Uploading service

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Royalux Realty offers NYC’s best commission split to its agents.

We offer agents commission splits up to 100%, tailor-made branding service, and best-in-class technology tools that will allow you to close more deals and earn more money! Join Royalux Realty Today!


We Build Your Brand and You Can Still Earn Up to 100% Commission!

Royalux Realty is all about bringing the best value to its agents. Keep 90-100% of your commissions, and enjoy a low company cap. Many of you have heard about all that Royalux has to offer their agents – from best-in-class branding service to the best agent training systems you can find in NYC — Why not learn more, brand yourself more and earn more all at the same time!

We offer a no annual fee commission split of 90/10 to our agents. If you make more than 2 deals every year, then you can also consider our 95/5 commission split plan with only an industry-low annual fee of $1500. If you are making a lot of deals every year, you'll love us even more! We offer a hard annual cap of $10,000 to all our agents. Meaning once you contribute $10,000 to Royalux Realty in a single calendar year, you will keep 100% of your commission! Contact Royalux Realty today to start earning more and keeping more in your pocket!


Royalux Realty is leading the way to create the best possible real estate brokerage model that will allow all of its agents to succeed. We only win when you win.

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Join Royalux Realty Today

Johnie and Sophie have helped hundreds of agents build successful businesses since 2015. They extend a warm and genuine invitation for you to join Royalux Realty. We look forward to working with you.

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