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What To Do If You’re Not Receiving Any Offers


It's time to discuss options with your agent if your home doesn't get offers or the offers are not meeting your expectations. It is crucial to understand the "why" quickly so that you can respond.

Speed is crucial because buyers are more likely to suspect that a home isn't in good condition if it's not sold quickly. What is too long? It depends on the market in which you live and what your home is worth. Your agent should have a serious conversation with you if comparable homes are selling in a matter of weeks.

These are some things that may spark interest and offer.

  • Marketing And Price:

    To make sure your price is still right, go through the CMA your agent prepared. Is there anything significant that has changed in your market? Did you or your neighbor miss something?You should also consider any feedback that buyers may give you at your open houses. You can address any issues that they are clearly having with your home. For example, buyers will have difficulty picturing themselves living in your home if you don't declutter, clean, and stage it.

  • Buyers might not feel at home if the photos aren't well lit, poorly shot, or only have a handful of images. A professional photographer might take new photos and record a video walkthrough to show buyers how the floor plan flows together.

    Does your listing description do your home justice? Is it highlighting the best aspects of your home? Ask your agent to revise it.

  • Consider Updates:

    Does your home make a great first impression? Is it a good first impression? If it doesn't, you should get your cleaning and painting supplies out or hire professionals. Buyers will appreciate a fresh coat, new carpets, shiny hardwood floors, and a clean kitchen and bathroom unless you are selling a fixer-upper.

    You and your agent may have decided not to update appliances, light fixtures, or other elements. Although they might seem small in the grand scheme, buyers can still notice them. Your agent can help you determine if it is worth the small cost of updating your property to increase buyer interest.

    It might be worth considering taking the home off the marketplace for a while to make repairs and updates and then putting it back on the market after the work is completed.

  • Financial Incentives:

    There are many factors that buyers will be motivated to buy stainless steel appliances, but the most important is saving money. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Points For Payment:

    Offer to "buy down" the buyer's interest rates. Buyers are offered an interest rate that is based on what the market is at the time they apply to banks. They can also pay an upfront fee if they desire a lower rate. A point is also known as you can. You can offer to pay upfront for "buying down the rate," and you can also do it for the buyer.

  • Bonus Commissions For Pay:

    Listing agents often market homes to other agents to encourage them to sell the properties to buyers. To increase awareness of an aging listing, you can offer a bonus commission to the buyer agent -- either a 0.5 percent or 1% commission.

  • Credit For The "Close-By" Date:

    You could offer a bonus or credit if you have already found your next house or are in urgent need of closing. This might be attractive to buyers who are also motivated to close quickly.

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