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Virtual Staging

It is important to make your images stand out online, with research suggesting that 9 out of 10 buyers start their property search online. Providing images, at the open home and online, of the room before and after it has been staged is a great way of helping buyers visualize the house with their new furniture in it. Viewers can often be overwhelmed with property viewings, so by making it easy to get a feel for what will fit in a room.

Virtual Staging Helps Showcase Your Property


Increases Interest To Your Home.

With technology being more and more popular, 90% of people start looking at buying property online. And with virtual staging, helps showcase your home where you only have a few moments to catch a buyer’s interest.


Sell Your Home Faster

When doing virtual staging after having a professional photographer take the photos statistics say around 80% of staged properties sell for the asking price or above.


Eliminate That Emptiness and Cold Feeling

When working with me I want your home to close as fast as possible so fill your property with many different options of furniture which allow me to showcase to people who are interested to visualize themselves in your property.

More Reasons To Love Virtual Staging


Easier to visualize your home

“According to the National Association of Realtors, 81% of buyers are able to better visualize space as their next home when it is staged. Naturally, no one likes a cold and empty space. Beautifully-staged homes will help prospects see themselves in the space.”


Home staging ROI is 586%

“Yes, you read that correctly. But that’s only home staging. If we eliminate the need to physically stage a property and replace it with 100% digital furniture, the return only increases.”


Judgment within 7 to 10 seconds

“Most people make a judgment on a property within 7-10 seconds of viewing it. property owners only have seven seconds to make a great first impression. Empty images won’t make as great of a first impression as staged images on listings.”

Different Options of Staging



Our photographer’s expert editors use furniture made of metal, glass, steel, or colorless wood to create a great atmosphere. The modern assortment is mainly based on monochromatic tones, complemented by neutral tones, which can be cut in bright colors for wall decorations and cushions. Use this sleek, clean look with minimal accessories and artistic influence.


Comfortable, bright, and airy rooms are connected to the beach through colors and accessories. Natural materials such as carpets, fabrics, and wood regularly create spaces for warmth and comfort. Imagine a wooden coffee table adorned with a jute rug and a large fabric sofa with the beach outside of your property.



When the professional photographers send your property to the editors, they stage the furniture to match the formal layout of your home that creates a classic, bright space that invites conversation and showcases a well-rounded atmosphere.


The beauty and charm of the farmhouse meets virtual staging. If you are selecting this choice of staging, you can expect to see a combination of plush couches, cushioned bar stools and an overall mix of eclectic décor. Warmth is introduced into the properties photos by weathered woods, items with rustic finishes, and complemented by colors that have a vintage or antique feel.



With contemporary homes and design, they involve heavy use of stone, metal, and glass both clear and opaque with furniture that stands out and is bold that can also be present in a contemporary home. The editing team can help showcase the home in a contemporary style using a soft coloring palette for heavily textured window furnishings, pillows, and rugs. However, a heavier presence of coloring through blankets and cleanly framed wall art can be visible in some contemporary-style rooms. Simple well-selected accessories are always used throughout this type of styling.


If you choose Scandinavian for your staging, my photographer’s editing team will provide your rooms with simple and stylish furnishings. Fill the menu with warm wood colors and foliage plants to create a bright, luminous atmosphere. Imagine that beautiful worn leather couch with a blanket or fluffy throw or that bedroom with relaxed layered bedding to create that understated welcoming yet cozy feeling.



A simple, modern design with an authentic classic look featuring contrasting elements and complementary new recycled elements. Think of sofas, rugs and storage solutions as decorative and colorful houseplants. This gradient style is available in dark black, brown and gray.


In every home, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the home, by having the upper hand and the chance to declutter and change the style of the kitchen to get more interest from potential people and buyers. A cleared out and clean looking kitchen with up-to-date design that looks modern will assist a person looking at your property to imagine themselves spending tons of time with their friends, family, cooking, eating, and bonding in one of the most important parts of your property.


Living Room

Often this is the first room you enter. The living room is a popular meeting place for family and friends to watch TV and relax. Show people who are interested in your property how your space works and how to imagine themselves living here by adding virtual sofas and sofas, a beautiful TV screen, and a modern coffee table. Knowing how the space works helps buyers imagine life at home.

Exterior of The Home

Use the opportunity to showcase your property online to everyone interested by having extra additions with some virtual staging to the exterior of your home or property that can enhance both the driveways appeal and help enhance and show how to use these outdoor areas can be used.



An unfurnished room looks a bit monotonous and much smaller than it really is. With my photographer’s top-end professional expert editing team we can add a bed, bedside table, and drawers to make a room more spacious and brighten up a room that was once boring.

Other Selection Of Stagings Are Available At Your Request

Use the opportunity to showcase your property online to everyone interested by having extra additions with some virtual staging to the exterior of your home or property that can enhance both the driveways appeal and help enhance and show how to use these outdoor areas can be used.

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