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Helping You Tell The Story Of Your Home.

Listing descriptions are an essential part of real estate advertising, and a well-composed one can help your property stand out from all the other homes for sale in your location.

Make Your Property Stand Out

You Can Relax Knowing You Chose A Real Estate Agent Who Uses A Copywriting Team That Holds Degrees In Either Communications Or Journalism.

One Word At A Time

Listing descriptions are a crucial element of real estate advertising. A well-written description can help your house stand out from all the different listings in your neighborhood and location. Keep in mind that your listing description will not only appear online but will also be used in handouts, social media, open house marketing materials, etc.


How We Write Your Property’s Description With A Maximum of 250 Words

Due to the local multiple listing services and the text space limitations of online real estate websites but also because people interested in your property are unlikely to read very detailed descriptions. We intend to remain strict throughout the description. Please note that some online sites have a designated title area, while on others, your title will only be the starting line of the text in the main description field.

Drafting The Opening Statement

The opening statement should answer the potential questions: Such as: What am I looking at? As well as; Should give the buyer a reason to stay reading. This is also a great area to showcase pieces that may not be fitting for the title but clients will like.


The Headline

Our chosen team of writers keeps the title brief and detailed while concentrating on the distinct advantages of your property’s location.

Highlighting Popular Features In the Opening Statement If Your Property Has These


Turning Negatives To Positives

No home is flawless, so you don’t want to entirely dismiss less sought-after highlights of your home. Primarily if they’re visible in the photos. Instead, we can flip them as a benefit. For example, a small bedroom can be turned into a positive as a work from home room for a private office or a property with no backyard or outdoor space can be flipped into a positive because they won’t have to do a lot of maintenance!

Highlighting Notable Home Brands

Your listing description will highlight any famous home brands, recent renovations, and all energy efficiency additions. When it comes to the Kitchen some well-known appliance brands are Bosch, GE, Samsung, KitchenAid, Kenmore, and Gaggenau. Highlighting smart home features are important too like Bose or Sonos home sound system, Philips Hue accessories, products from Google Nest like the cameras or thermostats, or smart home products from Amazon like Ring or Amazon Alexa compatible lights.

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