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Drone Photography

The use of real estate drone photography gives the home a visual appeal and is especially valuable in terms of the listing price.

Why Use Real Estate Drone Photography?

Statistics from the Multiple Listing Service show that properties with aerial photos are selling 68% more than properties without aerial photos, and that number continues to grow.

We Use Drone Photography To Showcase Your Property’s Variety Of Details

Aerial Views of the Entire Property and Area

Encompassing aerial views of the entire property and land.


Hidden Property Conditions and Features

The condition of the roof and other property features that can be difficult to assess.

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Water Features

Show what is nearby your property whether it is a beach, river, or pond that a regular photographer cant accomplish.


Pools + Landscaping

From above it can show the way the property is designed and helps bring a new perspective to the important additions of your homes outdoor features like your pool or landscaping


Showcase What is Nearby The Property

What the drive home, nearby stores, locations, parks, or the kids’ walk to school looks like, and more.


Nearby Neighborhoods and Locations

The neighborhood and surrounding area, including the home’s proximity to amenities


Expansive Land

If your home has a lot of lands or is in a unique position where it benefits showcasing for your home a drone makes a good addition

Why Most Agents Don’t Use Drones

Drone photography used to be taken by a professional from a hired aircraft or helicopter. Aircraft rentals, careful preparation, and expensive skills are required. When drones with high-quality 4K cameras hit the market, many experts believed that they would soon revolutionize the aerial photography industry. But when the Federal Aviation Administration issued a series of ambiguous, confusing, and understandable guidelines, many agents and marketing agencies avoided drone photography.


Changing The Way We Showcase Your Property

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Better Than Other Agents

We are able to shoot drone photography so he can highlight your property more efficiently. What used to be a niche marketing package has now become the standard practice to select homes with Nexus compared to other Real Estate Agents in the real estate market.

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