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Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Miao (Tiffany) Wang

Tiffany is a top real estate agent with over 10 years of real estate experience. She is the team leader of the PERRS real estate sales team. Tiffany holds a master's degree specializing in marketing and finance, this educational background enables her to offer clients comprehensive sales solutions from a highly professional perspective. Renowned for her exceptional negotiation skills and pricing strategies, Tiffany prioritizes excellence in service quality and always puts client interests first. As the team leader of the PERRS real estate sales team, she has helped hundreds of clients achieve their real estate goals. The core values of the PERRS team are "highly experienced, highly professsional, and delivering the best result." With a diverse network of strong buyers, when hiring the PERRS team to sell your property, they will not only bring in the most qualified buyers but also sell your property for the highest price possible. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, contact Tiffany and the PERRS team now to achieve all your real estate goals!


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