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Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Priscilla Chan-Ho

Priscilla is a highly experienced real estate agent with seven years of expertise in the industry. With a master's degree and previous experience in social work and mental health counseling, she brings a unique professional background and exceptional interpersonal skills to her role. Renowned for her patience and uncompromising commitment to service quality, Priscilla always prioritizes her clients' best interests and she is dedicated to providing each client with the best buying and selling experience. Priscilla possesses extensive and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, she can accurately assess market movements and offer professional advice and comprehensive support to her clients. Passionate about every transaction, Priscilla's motto is to bring joy and satisfaction to all her clients, which has earned her their trust and loyalty. By choosing Priscilla as your real estate agent, you can expect the most professional, trustworthy, and personalized service. Contact Priscilla today!


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