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Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Fangyi (Julia) Chen

Julia is a highly experienced real estate agent in the industry. With a Master's degree and background in Graphic Design, she upholds high standards in her approach and client interactions. Known for her outstanding sense of responsibility, meticulous work ethic, and keen attention to detail, Julia maintains honesty and sincerity in all client dealings. Guided by integrity, she excels in problem-solving and possesses professional negotiation skills to tailor optimal solutions based on client needs. Whether buying or selling, Julia will deliver top-notch real estate services, assisting you in making informed property decisions. Contact Julia today!

Julia是一位在行业内享誉名声的资深地产经纪人。拥有硕士学历的学位,过去曾从事Graphic Design等工作,也使得她对行事的方式及待客上,对自己有极高的标准。她以卓越的责任心、严谨的工作态度和对细节的高度关注而著称。Julia在与客户交往时始终保持诚恳与真诚,以诚信为准则,Julia具备卓越的问题解决能力和专业的谈判技巧,能够根据客户的需求量身定制最佳解决方案。无论您是买房还是卖房,Julia将竭尽全力利用丰富的专业知识和经验,为您提供最优质的地产服务,帮助您做出明智的房地产决策。立即与Julia取得联系!

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