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Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Jing (Alina) Zhou

Alina is a seasoned real estate agent. Before entering the real estate field, Alina worked in the jewelry industry, an experience that honed her communication skills and adaptability, while providing a profound understanding of the luxury market. Anchored in integrity, Alina consistently prioritizes clients' interests, tailoring solutions and delivering personalized services based on their needs. With outstanding professional abilities, she is well-versed in real estate market trends and negotiation tactics, always guiding clients to make wise decisions throughout their real estate transactions. Esteemed by clients, Alina has cultivated a vast client network, with many happy clients recommending her to family and friends. Contact Alina today!

Alina是一位资深的专业房地产经纪人,拥有丰富地产行业经验。在进入地产行业之前,Alina曾在珠宝行业工作,这段经历不仅磨练了她的沟通技巧和适应能力,更让她深刻理解luxury market的重要性。Alina以诚信为本,始终将客户的利益放在首位,根据客户的需求,量身定制解决方案,并提供个性化的服务。她具备出色的专业能力,熟悉房地产市场动向及交易谈判,总是能在客户买卖房地产交易的过程中,帮助他们做出明智的决策。作为一名备受客户推崇的房地产经纪人,Alina建立了广泛的客户网络。许多客户在成功完成交易后,都会向亲朋好友推荐Alina,这足以证明她的专业素养和卓越服务。同时作为一名家长,Alina深刻了解各个学区的家长需要,选择Alina作为您的房地产经纪人,您将得到一位专业、负责、又能助您尽快达成买卖的地产专家!

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